Fulfillment Policy

The fulfillment policy describes our policy on refunds and cancellations.

Billing Methodology

We bill based on factors that include primarily the amount of time we spend, but also based a minimum amount per service type based on the administrative overhead and the expertise necessary to perform CPA services.  Our hourly rates and an estimation of the fees we will charge for a specific project are available upon request.


Estimated Fees

If we provide an estimate of the fee for our services, the final amount due may be different than our estimate and payment will be required for the actual work and fees we charge.  As soon as we determine that our final fees will be greater than our estimate by 15% or $300, whichever is higher, we will communicate this as soon as possible.


Cancellations and Refunds

If a cancellation is received, we will refund money already paid after subtracting amounts for the work we have already performed.  If we have not invoiced before commencing work, then we will invoice for the work we have performed up until the time of cancellation.